PrivateWIFI is a personal access point that is always with you.
You can go online anywhere in the city without being linked to a Wi-Fi hotspot. PrivateWIFI is a compact device that you can take with you and connect to up to 5 gadgets — from a smartphone to a laptop.
Reserving is free! You will pay at the hotel upon receiving the equipment.
The device has an additional battery (powerbank) to charge your own devices.
490 rub per 3 days
Extension — 190 rub/day
Obvious benefits
The service offers the following benefits
Low cost
You pay only 490 rubles for 3 days .
That's about 163 rubles a day.
You are always online
No need to look for wi-fi hotspots.
Set-up of the device online or at the hotel in a matter of one minute
Just let the administrator know that you want to activate the service.
Small device dimensions and a powerbank.
You can carry it in your pocket and be sure that your phone does not unexpectedly run out of power.
Information for users
Select the questions section that is relevant for you below.
1. Instructions to connect the device
2. What is the PrivateWIFI voucher?
3. Voucher Terms of Use
4. Equipment rental rules
Instructions to connect the device
1. Switch ON the PrivateWIFI device
Press and hold the power button until a green signal appears.

2. Find the device name
On the reverse side you will find the device name or ID in the following format (SSID: Private_wifi_10001).

3. On your smartphone, select a network with your ID
On your device (smartphone, iPad, laptop), go to "WI-FI networks" and select a network with your SSID (e.g.: Private_wifi_10001).

4. Enter your password
It is indicated on your voucher.

5. Connection established
You can now browse the Internet. Put PrivateWIFI in your pocket and explore the city in peace with an internet connection at your disposal.

6. How do I turn off the device?
You can turn off your device by pressing and holding the power button for 3 seconds.
What is the PrivateWIFI voucher?
A voucher is a document that you will receive at the hotel when you connect to the service. The voucher consists of two parts:

a) in the top part of the voucher you will find a password to enter to access the WIFI network;

b) in the bottom part of the voucher you will find the terms of use for the service and consent to the terms and conditions and to personal data processing

You must sign it when you receive your voucher. The bottom part of the voucher that you sign remains with hotel staff.
Voucher Terms of Use
  1. Do not share the voucher with a third-party.

  2. The voucher is tied to a specific device. You cannot use it on more than one device. You must purchase the voucher for each device separately.

  3. Voucher validity period - one week from the moment of first activation in a WIFI network.
Equipment rental rules PrivateWIFI
1. The equipment is given out and should be returned to the reception desk of the Grand Hotel, which is located under the following address: St - Petersburg, 25 Bolshaya Konyushennaya Street.

2. Renting out of the equipment is carried out by the employees of the hotel, who in the presence of the Client check the condition and the completeness of the equipment. They will then print and give out the Voucher needed for usage of the equipment.

3. The prices for renting the equipment are as follows: For 72 hours – 490 rubles (3 GB of data); Each consecutive 24 hours – 190 rubles (1GB of data/day)...

Download the complete list of rules in pdf format.
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