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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
We have answered the most common questions about our services. If you have not found an answer to your questions, write to us and we will respond promptly.
1. Questions from clients
2. Questions from hotel owners
Questions from clients
I activated my voucher in St-Petersburg, can I still use it in Moscow?
Yes, the voucher is valid for all Wi-Fi hotspots, it is also operational in Moscow.

What are the limitations on mobile data traffic when we use your services?
There are no limitations, you can watch movies online or take part in online games - it is up to you!

If I am not staying at the hotel where the service is provided, can I still purchase it/rent the equipment?
You can still register for our services at the hotel reception even if you are not staying at the partner hotel. It is enough to have a passport. Even if you have a friend visiting who is staying at your home.

Where can I see the list of all the CityWIFI hotspots?
You can find them on our website, as well as our CityWIFI application, which you can download free of charge on Google Play Market and Apple App Store.

If I wish to use the PrivateWIFI services for longer than the 3 prepaid days, what should I do to extend the rent time of the equipment?
You do not need to do anything, you just return the router when it suits you and if it will exceed the 3 rent days, then you will pay 190 rubles for each additional day.

Can I purchase the router?
Yes, of course. It is also a powerbank. When you are departing, let the receptionist at your hotel know that you have decided to keep it. We will note it down and will not return your security deposit.
Questions from hotel owners
What is the relationship between GuestRussia and access points?
We bring together major telecom operators and ensure voucher acceptance from the hotels located at each of these points. We are the only ones in Russia who aggregate operators in such a way that foreigners have the opportunity to be authorized in public WIFI networks and do so within the Russian legal framework, thanks to the CityWIFI voucher.

How many routers do you provide to hotels?
This depends on your number stock and the results of the trial period. Some do not need more than 5 routers, some require 50 routers.

What does your company profit on?
We share the revenue from sales with the hotel, that is our earnings.

Am I not breaking the law by providing this kind of service?
You're not breaking the law. It's broken by those who don't have passport authorization from foreign tourists.

If a user commits illegal actions while connected to Wi-Fi via GuestRussia, is the hotel responsible for this?
No, the hotel is not responsible for the actions of the tourist. The main thing is to fill in your account correctly and specify all required tourist information.

We do not provide wifi authorization for guests at our hotel, can you help us with that?
We can refer you to our partner companies. You can just write to us and we will do it.

What happens if the client changes his mind and asks for a refund?
According to the rules outlined in the voucher, the payment is returned only if the equipment is faulty. In other cases it is considered that a service has been provided and the payment will not be refunded.

What is a trial period?
During the trial period, the hotel learns about and adjusts to providing the new service for its customers. To make it as comfortable as possible, during this time the hotel keeps all the revenue. Mutual payments begin after the trial period is over, when we are confident that the hotel is ready to provide our service to its customers.

What is Top Five Sales?
In our system you can see the row called 'top 5 sales' with the hotels and numbers listed below. Every month we award the best hotel in the city, and to make it transparent and comprehensible, all our partner hotels can see who is currently in the first and subsequent places.
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