GuestRussia is a joint project of Wi-Fi network operators aimed at helping foreign guests who come to Russia to have access to public Wi-Fi networks in the cities of St. Petersburg, Moscow and Kazan.
We are building an infrastructural solution for legal identification and authorization of foreign tourists on Russian territory, which is needed for Internet access.
Our achievements
We are constantly evolving and here are some of our accomplishments:
Over 2000 hotspots
Over 2000 Wi-Fi hotspots in public places (St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan)
Tourists from 59 countries
Visitors from 59 different countries took advantage of our service during the course of the year 2019
Accompanying the 2018 World Cup
Successful operation of the service during the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia
70+ hotels and 10,000 rooms
Our solutions work successfully in 70+ hotels (over 10,000 hotel rooms)
Project Founders
All team members work together on all projects. We've assembled a collaborative team of dedicated professionals.
Viktor Filippov
Kirill Nikolaev
Customer Feedback
"We were happy with everything, thank you for giving us the opportunity to buy a SIM card that can be used in Russia without having to leave the hotel"
Peters, Estonia
"Everything was great!"
Araujo Alonso, Spain
"We used SIM cards everywhere and it was very convenient"
Vainio with a friend, Finland
"I liked using the Private WIFI router, receiving the voucher at the reception desk was a quick process, I will definitely use the service again next time when I will be in St. Petersburg".
Chura Nadzeya, Belorussia
"I used the Private WIFI router because during my stay at the hotel there were some problems with the Internet, and the hotel kindly offered the router to me".
Ellen Christina Santesson, Sweden
"PrivateWIFI is a useful and convenient service which I used during my stay."
Polak Ewa Marta, Poland
"We used the Private WIFI router to order a taxi in the city, moving from the museum to the restaurant, from the theater to the gift shop and back to the hotel. This turned out to be a very convenient option for us".
Monica Anita Scheer и her husband, Sweden
"Rented a router for our teenage children. Quick, convenient, and at any moment you can go to the website of the museum or restaurant and book a table if you did not have time to do it at the hotel, and check in with relatives by sending a couple of photos. It's not the first time I've spent a weekend in St. Petersburg, and every time I visit I use the PrivateWIFI service".
Tatjana Sipajeva with her family, Latvia
"I rented the router because I find using the local SIM card inconvenient, especially when you come to town for business and all the contacts are tied to your own SIM card. I even used the router in my hotel room sometimes because the hotel Wi-Fi signal was weak in the evenings during the busiest time."
Dorofejev Konstantin, a regular guest of one of the chain hotels, Russia.
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