CityWIFI — unlimited access to Wi-Fi hotspots in the city of St-Petersburg using a code.
More than 400 Internet access points are located in popular places of the city: museums, cafes and restaurants, airports, railway stations, theaters, etc.
The service is provided free of charge
Obvious benefits
The service provides you with the following benefits
You don't need to pay a deposit.
There's no need to return anything to the hotel. You are given a code to use, which you can simply throw away afterwards.
Offline city map in the application
Even without an internet connection you will still be able to orientate yourself.
Set-up at the hotel in just two minutes
Just let the administrator know that you want to activate the service.
No additional equipment needed
Everything you need is already with you.
Service coverage area
Over 400 hotspots throughout the city. You can connect to all popular places in cafes, restaurants, airport, railway, etc.
Information for users
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1. How to use the app?
2. What is a CityWIFI voucher?
3. Voucher Terms of Use
How to use the app?
1. Download the application
2. In the application, select the hotspot of one of the CityWIFI partners (Consult the map)

3. On the authorisation page of the Wi-Fi network, click the 'Guest voucher' or 'CityWIFI voucher' button and you will be redirected to the dedicated voucher authorization page.

4. Enter the voucher code in the following format: ххх-ххх-ххх.
What is a CityWIFI voucher?
A voucher is a document that you will receive at the hotel when you activate the service. The voucher consists of two parts:

a) in the top part of the voucher you will find a password to access the WIFI network;

b) in the bottom part of the voucher you will find the terms of use for the service and consent to the terms and conditions and to personal data processing

You must sign it when you receive your voucher. The bottom part of the voucher that you sign remains with the Project Partner.
Voucher Terms of Use
  1. Do not share the voucher with a third-party.

  2. The voucher is tied to a specific device. You cannot use it on more than one device. You must obtain the voucher for each device separately.

  3. Voucher validity period - one week from the moment of the first activation in a WIFI network.
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