GuestSIM — Internet connection via pre-paid SIM-card
GuestSIM is a regular pre-paid SIM-card. Connect to the Internet directly without any third-party applications or additional devices. It's just you and your phone.
Set up and enjoy an uninterrupted LTE connection from our best mobile operators.
Reserving is free! You will pay at the hotel upon receiving the equipment.
590 rub per 14 days
Extension – 590 rub / 14 days
Obvious benefits
The service offers the following benefits:
High speed internet
SIM card works in LTE (4g) networks
Unlimited traffic
Watch movies online
Arrange everything online or at the hotel in a matter of one minute
Just let the administrator know that you want to activate the service.
No additional equipment needed
Just a regular phone is enough.
Information for users
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1. How to use the service?
2. Rules for using a SIM card
How to use the service?
1. Take the GuestSIM SIM-card out of the envelope.

2. Switch the phone off and remove your current SIM card.

3. Insert the GuestSIM card.

4. Switch the phone on. Wait for the operator to identify the SIM card.

5. Do not throw away your own SIM card! Put it in an envelope or a safe place so you do not lose it.

6. After using GuestSIM, you can just throw it away.
Rules for using a SIM card
  1. Do not share the voucher with a third-party.

  2. The voucher is tied to a specific device. You cannot use it on more than one device. You must purchase the voucher for each device separately.
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