Partnerships with hotels
We offer to owners of hotels, hostels and other hotel business facilities to make a profit from additional services. Together with GuestRussia you will be able to provide your guests with Internet access services throughout the city. Submit a request and we will contact you as soon as possible.
After signing the contract and discussing the technical details, you will be provided with training materials and access to your account.
Procedure for connecting hotels to the system
Step 1.
We sign the contract
Step 2.
We train the staff (free)
Step 3.
We provide the necessary advertising materials and equipment (free)
Step 4.
Connect the hotel the voucher-issuing system account (free)
Benefits from the partnership
Including our services in your own services list will increase your competitiveness and give you a number of advantages:
For hotels
Additional profit for hotel administrators due to the provision of extra services

The ability to reduce the load on your own wi-fi network

Improved hospitality and competitive advantage in the market
For clients
Fast internet connection outside of the hotel grounds when it is needed

Simple set-up procedure, which only takes a couple of minutes

The ability to include the service into the price of your hotel room
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